Bagasse Cassonade Ultra WS SH-6020 Plus CB80

Bagasse Cassonade Ultra WS SH-6020 Plus CB80

CodiComercial: WNE0013

Edition: 10
Date of approval: 25/03/2020

General characteristics

Brown sugar wood-free paper with a rough textured surface and with an Ultra WS treatment. Made exclusively from annual plants, 95% bagasse (by-product from the transformation of sugar cane) and 5% linen and hemp crops. 100% recyclable.

Additional information

The ultra WS treatment of the face material avoids the creases formation and reduces the water absortion on the face surface.

For small diameters applications pre-test are recommended.

We recommend the reels to be wound with the face side out. The test of resistance to immersion in water-ice is carried out by sticking a blank(unprinted) label on a standard glass bottle. Five days after the label is stuck on, it is submerged in an ice bucket containing icy water for a minimum period of 4 hours and its resistance to immersion is checked.

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